Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Mang Kanor and Jill Rose Story

Instant Celebrity, Instant Victim

After a series of video scandals of "Mang Kanor" with Jill Rose Mendoza circulated over the web, they instantly gained popularity as online icons in the Philippines. Netizens even made their names a laughing stock not minding that this is a sensitive issue and the girl is considered a cybercrime victim.

But who are they?

Mang Kanor is as mysterious as a crime unsolved. No one really knows his true identity. The only information leaked is that he is a rather past-middle man who “hangs out” with a pretty minor girl.

His rumored girlfriend, Jill, is a pretty lady who is believed to be minor. She is perceived as a good catch for a man old enough to be her father. With this, 'Mang Kanor' is now used as an adjective for an old or older man who is involved with a younger partner, particularly a minor.

Amidst the scandal, Jill seemed so proud of herself, of the popularity she gained. Reports even revealed that dating older men is her source of income and that she accepts “customer bookings.”

If it is true that Jill is still underage, this issue should be talked seriously and should not be raved by netizens and social media users. This should be a call to remind families to act their roles out and instill morality to their children.

Watch the alleged Mang Kanor Movie Trailer:

Moreover, this sensitive subject should be taken as an example on why Cyber Crime Law is very important in protecting the rights of everyone in the cyberworld.